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Picture of website owner Absama Hello everyone. Welcome to my website!

I am Absama . My main interests are reading, writing and surfing the internet and internet marketing.

Hair loss is a subject many women are not comfortable talking about. However, it is a topic  that is close to my heart as some of  my family members have suffered from it. I decided to do research on this problem and find out more about the products, treatments, and remedies available.  I have blogged about this problem and will do my best to write more about this issue.

About one-third of women suffer from hair loss  or alopecia  and as many as two-thirds experience hair thinning or bald spots. In fact 40% of women over 40 suffer from hair loss. This problem has an impact on a woman’s emotional well-being and quality of life.

Those women who have suffered permanent hair loss due to genetic reasons or the side-effects of medical treatments like chemotherapy or radiation need not lose hope.  Celebrities like Beyonce have popularized the wearing of wigs and it is no longer a stigma. There are great wigs on the market which can match your hair color and skin tone. I have done a post on this and you can find out more about wigs that will give you a stunning look !

There are many products, treatments, and remedies on the market and in my posts I will be discussing these to enable you to make an informed choice

A word of caution! Please consult your physician  before trying a product or embarking on any treatment.

I welcome any comments or questions about this topic. Please leave them in the comments section below and I will do my best to address them.