Best Wigs For Hair Loss – 5 Great Tips On Choosing The Right Wig

Best Wigs For Hair Loss – 5 Great Tips On Choosing The Right Wig

How do you get the best wigs for hair loss?

Buying the right wig or hairpiece can be daunting given the wide variety of these products.

Wigs On Display

The wig and hairpiece stores cater to a niche sector of the hair loss market and is worth billions of dollars. Most of these products are exported to Africa as the people there who have short kinks, prefer longer and thicker tresses. While celebrities like Beyonce and Lady Gaga have played an important part in popularizing wigs for fashion, people around the world have used them for centuries to enhance their good looks. A large percentage of the human hair used in making the wigs originates from India, Indonesia and China .

Due to the bewildering range of wigs and hairpieces a few  tips would be helpful.

Why do people buy wigs?A Girl With A Wig

They do so for aesthetic reasons or for medical conditions like alopecia or hair loss. The side-effects of chemotherapy or radiation result in severe hair loss. Wigs and hairpieces offer so many benefits. Your great looks in a beautiful wig boosts your self-esteem and confidence and saves time and money on hair styling. They also offer you thousands of styles and colors, are affordable and are quite easy to care for and wear.

What types of wigs are available?

Primarily there are two types of wigs on the market: natural human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. The former as the name suggests are made from natural human hair while the latter is manufactured from synthetic materials like nylon, toyokalon or kanekalon.

While a  synthetic hair wig  is  affordable, the wig made of human hair is natural-looking, more durable and superior in quality. The other advantage human hair wigs has over the synthetic version is that they can be styled, washed, bleached or dyed to give you a great look. However natural hair wigs require more maintenance to make them last longer. They have to be conditioned when they get wet.  The more pricey type of human hair wig called ‘Remy’ does not tangle and can last up to a year.

Heat-friendly synthetic hair made of synthetic fibers can withstand temperatures of up to 350 to 400 degrees. You can style the wig using heating tools like, tongs, curling or straightening iron.

Natural blend wigs which is called human hair blends, combine human hair with a heat-friendly synthetic fiber. These wigs can generally withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees, and like the synthetic hair wigs, you can style them with the heating tools.

Do you need a full wig?

You may not require a full wig as some wigs like three-quarter wigs or half-wigs are designed to cover only a portion of the hair. These are best for those who only have noticeable hair loss in very specific regions of the head, such as along the hairline. Men and women can both benefit from well-made hair pieces to camouflage hair loss. Several types of hair extensions, including clip-on bangs or fringe and clip-on volumizers and sew-in extensions are designed to be sewn onto natural hair braids.You can use extensions to mask a receding hairline.

What are the factors to consider before purchasing a wig?

  •    A Reputable Wig Maker

Choose a company that has a good reputation and excellent customer service provided by knowledgeable and experienced sales personnel who can advise you on the correct type and style of a wig.

Wig stores are experienced in finding the right wig or hairpiece that looks good for you but they have only a limited selection. Online stores carry a very wide range of these products but you cannot handle or try on the wig before purchase. So review their return policy. What you see on your computer screen may not be what you get in real life as the colors may differ from those in the images. Wig makers offer a ‘color ring’ at a low price with swatches of hair in different colors to let you sample the colors.

A good wig should be so well camouflaged that everyone assumes that it’s your natural hair. Short wigs are easier to wear than long wigs, especially when it’s really warm outside. Long wigs are for those who have never been able to have long hair before, but can easily tangle and consistently need to be brushed out.

  •  Budget

The price difference between human hair and synthetic wigs can be huge. When it comes to wigs, you truly get what you pay for. Human hair wigs can set you back by $700 – $2500, depending on the length of the wig. They will, however, last more than a year with regular maintenance. Synthetic wigs can cost between $30 – $500, but will only last up to six months.

  •  Size

What really matters is the size of a wig. Adult wigs for both males and females are of a standard size based on average adult head sizes but you may purchase smaller or a large one according to your head size. Measure the circumference of your head with a tailor’s measuring tape around your hairline behind your ears and around the nape of your neck. Check the measurement against manufacturer’s size for the brand. Pick a size that fits your head snugly. Children’s wigs come in the smallest size.

You can take your wig to your hairdresser to get it cut to fit your face perfectly. The one that comes out of the box rarely fits you correctly.

  •  Color

The right color is vital when you are choosing a wig. You want to select a color that matches your natural hair color. If you feel like changing your hair color, a wig is the perfect solution. Pick a hair color that looks good on you and enhances your skin tone. For example, black hair can make some people look more pale, so that probably wouldn’t be the best color to go with.

Maybe you can find a shade that complements your skin tone and brings out your natural coloring. Wig styles with highlights or lowlights add extra depth and dimension. If you want something different, choose a shade lighter or warmer.

  • Construction

The construction of the cap of the wig is another factor to consider before purchasing a wig. Based on the method of attaching hair to the cap, there are different cap constructions. These include basic caps, lace front, and 100% hand-tied monofilament caps. The front part of the wig is usually constructed with either lace or silk.

Why you should consider buying lace wigs?

Front lace wigs have gained in popularity because of the natural look that it gives. I will mention a few plus points that have made the lace wigs so popular. The small holes in the tightly-woven mesh fabric make the lace wigs breathable. The air that circulates in and around the lace wig prevents overheating, especially if you live in a hot climate. You may learn more about front lace wigs from Free Lace Wig E Book

Just scroll down on the manufacturer’s website and click the E Book link at the bottom right.

The lace material is designed to mimic the movement of your natural hairline and is dyed to match the color of your skin tone. Since the hair is sewn into the lace wig, you can part it in any way you like without worrying about exposing your cap. Celebrities like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and Keira Knightley all love lace wigs.

Best Wigs For Hair Loss - 5 Great Tips On Choosing The Right Wig
Wig Maker

If you wish to get further information on lace wigs please click on the images below..

Wigs and hair pieces come in many textures to mimic the natural hair of people from different ethnic backgrounds. You have a choice of straight, wavy or curly hair types.

Below are some of the world-class brands of wigs. The companies that make them offer both synthetic and natural hair wigs in a variety of styles and colors:

  •  Noriko.
  •  Socooso.
  •  Forever Young.
  •  Revlon.
  •  Rene of Paris Wigs
  •  Raquel Welch.
  •  Amore.
  •  Jon Renau.
  •  Ellen Wille.
  •  Incognito
  •  Hairdo

Wig Care

Since you may have spent some money on your wig, treat it as an investment and take good care of it. Use shampoos and conditioners specially designed for wigs. Check whether your wig is heat-resistant before using heating tools like curling irons, tongs and hair dryers. Learn  to store your wig properly and keep it away from the hot sun.

Buy a wig-stand to hold your wig and keep its shape.You may use a mannequin head and clamp stand for every day and styling use, and a metal tripod for travel. Make sure you care for your wig regularly to preserve its lifespan.

As people are overwhelmed by the sheer variety of wigs and hair pieces, I hope you will find my tips on choosing the best wigs for hair loss useful as you can make an informed choice before purchasing a wig or hairpiece.

The wig maker of lace front wigs has provided some ‘how to’ videos and valuable tips about their products on their site.  Just click on the images above to access their page.

If you have any comments or questions please leave them below and I will try my best to answer them to the best of my ability.

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  1. I love it when my lady makes her hair especially when she braids. I’m not such a fan of wigs but when it comes to Mannequins with brown-haired and brunet style wigs, I fall in love. I believe that the hair ks an essential part of a lady’s beauty and it should be taken good care of and made perfect. 

  2. I was so excited to see the tape on extensions.  My friend has been using the glue on ones, and they literally ruined her hair.  In fact, the whole reason I was looking at your site is because she has been having terrible problems with hair loss.  Her doctor put her on Biotin.   I think she should look into using those tape on extensions in the future so she doesn’t do so much damage with the glue on ones.  Thanks for the great write up.  

    • Hi Babsie thank you so much for taking the trouble to read and comment on my post. I appreciate your advice about i-stock photos.

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  3. Great article about wigs. I was many times tempted to by one but only to check how a new hairstyle will change my look. To be honest, I didn’t go into too much research and I never tried one. Thanks to your article, which has all the information one needs, I know what features and aspects I shall consider.I also consider the hair pieces, they seem another good solution. In my case, I would like to try one of them, just for a change.Thnak you again for your informative and well-documented article.

    • Thanks Danny. Happy wig hunting! I hope you will find the right wig after considering the factors.
      Precisely. The hair pieces are a good alternative to wigs if a person’s hair loss is confined only
      to certain portions of the head.

  4. It’s a very good topic. first of all because if someone had this need usually don’t share this kind of problem with other people. Having a place where to find everything so well explained is a good option! 

    Wig and hairpiece had turned to popularity since a lot of VIPs had being using them to change their look. It helped to clear that the use of wigs is not only for whom are in need but it’s a matter of look changing. This helps people who need of it to feel more comfortable!

    • Precisely Miche wearing a wig is no longer a stigma as people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between your hair
      and a wig if you get one which matches your hair color and skin tone. I will try to do my best to share what I know about
      wigs. Thanks for your comments.

  5. Although the topic is about choosing the best wigs for hair loss, I found it an interesting read even though I am a male. In 2012, I ventured into the business of importing and selling human hair, from China.It’s a pity I didn’t find your blog earlier. I was totally unaware what factors to consider while ordering online. This resulted in quite some loss as some of the products did not meet client’s requirements.Thanks for sharing the names of top brand wig companies. I would do an in-depth research and them and probably return to the human hair importation business.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. As I mentioned in my blog, choosing the right wig can be daunting given the wide range of styles and colors
      of wigs.
      I am happy that you found my post useful.

  6. This has always interested me for quite some time. Sometimes you can clearly see a wig but other times it is impossible to say that the person is wearing a wig. I knew that you could get human hair, horse hair or synthetic hair for wigs. What I didn’t know is that you could style colour and have to maintain human hair wigs like your own hair.

    I think this is one of those times you actually have to go into the store to see how the wig fits and feels as well as get help from an expert before purchasing. Lace wigs also look very cool because it looks like your scalp instead of the wig cap.

    This is a really interesting article, thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Renton. Indeed you could style all wigs whether made of human hair or synthetic ones.
      Yes lace wigs are very cool and they are worn by many celebrities.

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